Karelian birch wood shaving brush with 28mm manchurian knot


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This handmade karelian birch wood handle carries a premium manchurian badger bulb knot, 28mm.This is is one of the best two band knots, with top natural softness. Softness 1.

Karelian birch trees grown mainly in the far north countries of Scandinavia and Russia and they are very precious, due to their exquisite and rich wood grains, their low growth and high demand. 

Please note that each wooden brush will be unique, and its tones and patterns will be based on the wood used (the picture shown portray the shape and general colors of the brush).

If requested, we can substitute the manchurian with a premium 28mm silvertip knot, free of charge.

Only 3-4 pieces of brushes will be handcrafted, due to the scarcity and price of this exceptional wood. 

With the purchase of this brush, we offer the LE black t-shirt (XL) for the 10 years of Faena operations for free.  

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